AVIOGEI’s vocation for airport Equipment comes from afar and has deep roots in the past. The company was founded in 1969 and started its production of Airport Equipment inside an OML division (Officine Meccaniche Latine), a leader since 1952 in precision mechanical construction for civil and military aviation engines.
AVIOGEI became an indipendent company in 1970 and, since then, has been expanding its domestic business becoming a reference model to all operators in this field.
At present, AVIOGEI is proud of being one of the most important leader in Ground Support Equipment.
The company designs, assembles, certifies, and distributes a wide range of Airport Equipment for movement and transport of passengers ( stairs, Vehicules for disabled, luggage dollies...), and goods (transporter, transporter-loader,cargo-loader, conveyor belt loader, catering ....), for both civil and military use.
Always responsive to the market requirements and expectations, as well as being valid and reliable, AVIOGEI gives special attention to innovative aspects and offers to its customers a wide range of services, such as:
- brand new and second hand equipment rent
- technical support and maintenace
- certifications
Each service is provided by AVIOGEI or by its affiliated companies such as AGS Avio Global Service, which provides airport maintenance serives, and AVIORent, for airport rental equipment.

Over the years AVIOGEI has developed expertise and competence and it has been able to assert its presence in the international arena, by forming strategic alliances with European Companies, such as the Spanish TEAM, the Austrian Hitzingher and the Danish Vesterggard,
e look ahead, being conscious not to be leaders by chance!

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