The AVIOGEI SI 24-58 Passenger Stair is a self-propelled airport equipment, with ecological diesel engine and hydraulic operating drives, appropriated for boarding /unboarding passengers on / from aircraft with boarding threshold height between 2400 mm to 5800 mm.

The stair offers high drive stability, a generous platform for safe working conditions with various additional options.

AVIOGEI SI 24-58 complies with the IATA AHM 913-2017 regulation for the aircraft damage prevention system

Main Characteristics

Operative Range

2400 to 5800 mm


Mounted on custom-made self-propelled chassis which incorporates diesel engine, drivers cab, stair section, hydrostatic drive system and associated hydraulics.


Ramp cylinders, tilting cylinders and 4 outriggers


Closed circuit hydrostatic

Electrical system

12 VDC


Engine Diesel

Braking system

Service     Servo-brake

Parking     Mechanical Lever

Main Options

– Control Panel in Platform

– Emergency electro-pump

– Telescopic Canopy

– Opened/Closed driver’ cab

– Platform width to 3000 mm

– Winter kit

– Heated/conditoned driver’cab

– Safety System for aircraft door


‘- Other Thermal engine

Additional Options

Available upon request