AVIOGEI, waiting to help our customers achieve operational excellence, has specially designed and built this exclusive Pax boarding vehicle to offer comfort, safety in the operational phases and cost efficiency. This airport equipment is a significant advancement for the aviation industry and aims proposing as the best in class.

The THUNDERLIFT 6000E is an equipment designed for the boarding/ off boarding of reduced mobility passengers, or injured persons on a stretcher, for all aircraft with height of the access threshold between the ground and 6000 mm.

THUNDERLIFT 6000E complies with the IATA AHM 913-2017 regulation for the aircraft damage prevention system.

Main Characteristics

Operative Range

0 to 5800 mm


Mounted on custom-made self-propelled chassis which incorporates Electric Package, elevating van with driver’s cab , services system and associated hydraulics.

Tipical Capacity

12 persons. Internal Arrangement upon request

Front Platform

Wide front platform with max cap of 500 Kg


AVIOGEI Scissor with built-in hydraulic cylinder with pilot overcentre valve

Elevating Van

Insulated Panels with interposed fire-retardant polyurethane foam

Electric system

PLC Computer , Automotive 24 VDC


Elevating Van Cilinder, platform cylinders, n. 4 outriggers. All cylinders with pilot overcentre valves


Electric power supply system 80 Volt

Battery 966 Amp/hr

Inverter for the control of the electric traction motor

Braking system

Service  Hydropneumatic servo-assisted

Parking  with hydro-pneumatic release

Main Options

– 360° Camera system

– Air Condition Unit

– Winter kit

– Heater in the Compartment

‘- UV film on windows

– Safety System for Aircraft door

– Telematics Control Unit

‘- Rear Platform

Additional Options

Available upon request